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sahibradio 24/7


* If you are facing any kind of problem. please refresh page or call us @ +91 88722 11988.
On this Radio you are listening 24 X 7 Gurbani/Kirtan/Shabads from best Ragies all over the world.This is the best way to listen non-stop Gurbani/Kirtan/Shabads while your are anywhere in the world or working in Office anytime. The quality of audio is good and streaming of audio is also non-stopable and thus consumes very less data usage which makes it best website to listen Gurbani/Kirtan/Shabad as well as recite Nitnem.
The new Listen and Download shabad page is also added to SahibRadio.com which is very easy to operate , make you listen and easy download them.

If you are lucky enough to Listen Gurbani/Kirtan, you can feel the Presence of god. The website is for people who have compulsions and thus living in far away lands Or far away countries the second best option is to listen the kirtan live through use of technology is the best option. By Closing your eyes and let the rythm of live kirtan/Gurbani flow to your soul.